BEWARE! Rose Hill: Swindler Rishi Badloo Has Ripped Off Many People. SHARE!

Rishi Badloo lives in the region of Rose Hill. He has been reported to the Rose Hill police station for swindling. Recently, a citizen named Covilen contacted us to explain his problem. He revealed that Rishi has ripped him off and he is not the only one.

Swindler Rishi Badloo

The man above is Rishi Badloo and has ripped off many people in the region of Rose Hill by telling them stories. Covilen said: ” Line pren rs. 74, 000 avec moi et promet pou donne moi ban marchandise. Li ti vine raconte so la mizere avek moi et mone tombe dan piege zordi. Li kone zouer avek sentiment dimoune.”

Covilen does not want other people to fall in Rishi’s trap again and want to warn the population. He has been trying to reach him through calls but in vain. Rishi Badloo’s mobile number is 59041896. A statement has already been recorded to the Rose Hill police station by Covilen.

Please call the police immediately if you spot as he is WANTED.