[Exclusive Video] Mythical Creature Caught On Camera – REAL WEREWOLF?

A werewolf is a human who has the ability to shape shift into a wolf, or human-hybrid wolf-like creature.
The legend of werewolves developed sometime around the late middle ages and the early modern period..right about the same time as the belief in witches.
One of the earliest mentions of a werewolf in literature was in the poem Bisclavret by marie De France where a nobleman is described as having to transform into a wolf every week.

Is this the mythical creature werewolf?
Is this mysterious scary creature caught on camera real? So is this finally proof that werewolves exist?

Watch video:

Robert Ingram and his wife attempted to take a picture of the beast that they described as black panther and weighed around 9 stone.
Mr Ingram because of his shitty potato cam skills drew up a sketch of the creature which the Daily Mail says the sketch now has caused concerns that it wasn’t a panther, but a more unusual beast.
Why? Because they cite that the “visual interpretation appears to show an animal with almost human like traits.”
Werewolf sightings occur frequently, as recently as May of 2016 seven separate eyewitnesses claim to have witnessed an 8 foot tall wolf-like creature outside of the city of Hull.

Is this really the rotting carcass of a werewolf? Your thoughts!