National Assembly: Paul Bérenger Treats Pravind Jugnauth of ‘Capon’ And Performs A Walk-out

It was a stormy session at the National Assembly during the PNQ this afternoon. The PNQ of the opposition leader, focusing on damages against the state, was to be answered by the Finance Minister Pravind Jugnauth. But ultimately, it is the Attorney General Ravi Yerigadoo who began to answer the PNQ.

This caused sharp exchanges between Paul Berenger and Pravind Jugnauth. The words have blended from all sides and speaker Maya Hanoomanjee triedto bring them to order but in vain. Paul Bérenger treated Pravind Jugnauth of ‘coward’ at one time. The finance minister, saying the leader of the MMM used an unparliamentary word, asked the opposition leader to withdraw what he had said.

Despite the formal request of the speaker Maya Hanoomanjee to remove the word, Paul Berenger refused to abdicate before performing a walk-out followed by other MMM members.