[Video] Murder Of Mathilde: The ‘Bouncer’ Stéphane Tossé And His Friend Arrested

Stéphane Tossé has been arrested in the murder of former police officer Jacques Bathilde case.

The bouncer Stéphane Tossé was in the sights of the Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT) in recent days. A team landed at his house in Pointe-aux-Sables but he was not there. He was however spotted several times by residents of the region accompanied by a certain Michael Danny Désiré Tamby.

On Wednesday around 10 AM, the men of the police superintendent assistant Gérard Dieudonné landed at the house of Michael Danny Désiré Tamby who lives in Débarcadère, Pointe-aux-Sables. The suspect Stéphane Tossé was also present there. They were both arrested and taken to the office of the MCIT at the central Barracks for questioning.

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Stéphane Tossé, former bodyguard of the director of Whitedot Sanjeev Lutchmun, was lengthily questioned about his schedule during the night of Wednesday 24 to Thursday 25 August. Stéphane Tossé said he was not present at the crime scene and that he knows nothing of this vault theft case and the murder of the former police officer Jacques Bathilde. A search was conducted at his house. It is important to note that a suspicious rope was seized from one of the suspects house. The rope was sent to the scientific laboratory for further DNA analysis. Stéphane Tossé’s car was also seized in this matter.

The second suspect Danny Tamby denied any involvement in the case. DNA samples were taken from them in order to proceed to the “cross matching” of clues found at the scene.

After their interrogation, Stéphane Tossé and Danny Tamby were placed in police cells, one in Moka Detention Centre and the other at Pailles police station. They were presented in court in Rose Hill on Thursday in provisional murder charge. Stéphane Tossé retained the services of Mr. Asad Peeroo.

According to our information, the MCIT holds information that Stéphane Tossé is involved in this murder case and detectives believe they have incriminating evidence against him and the alleged accomplice Danny Tamby. Other relatives of the victim who are also involved in this matter will soon be interviewed by investigators.