Rose Hill Court: The Charge Against Dr. Naga For Heroin Importation Removed

The Rose Hill Court has removed the heroin import provisional charge against Dr. Manish Naga.

The latter was arrested on Monday, November 16, 2015, during a controlled delivery operation conducted by elements of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit.

The 518 grams of heroin, valued at Rs 7.5 million, were in a parcel from Tanzania and the recipient was Dr. Manish Suresh Naga. It is his driver who showed up at the Quatre-Bornes Post Office to retrieve the package.

The 72 year old driver was arrested and said that the package was intended to Dr. Manish Suresh Naga. The latter defended himself by saying he did not know anything about the contents of the package, but placed an order for an electric toothbrush and an electronic gadget.

Conditional liberty

After his arrest, Dr. Manish Suresh Naga was heard in Rose Hill Court on 17 November 2015. He was provisionally charged with importing heroin and was renewed in police cell. He got parole before the Bail and Remand Court on November 20, 2015.

The lawyer of Dr. Manish Suresh Naga, Mr. Mohamed Yousuf, Senior Counsel, has subsequently made a motion to the court of Rose Hill, asking that the provisional charges against his client to be scratched. The motion, however, was rejected by the magistrate Goolshan Jorai at theRose Hill Court.

On Thursday, September 1, the Director of Public Prosecutions decided not to proceed with the case. This was made known to the magistrate Doorgeshnee Dinya-Mooloo. Therefore, the magistrate removed the interim charge of importing heroin that had been brought against Dr. Manish Naga Suresh.