Death Of An 18 Year Old Boy: Police Suspects The Intake Of Synthetic Drugs

Has the synthetic drug claimed another victim? That’s what the police suspect after the death of an 18 year old man from a village in the South, which occurred on 25 August. He had been admitted to the intensive care unit of the Rose-Belle hospital before his last breath. For his family, this death is “fuzzy.”

The events occurred in July 18. “Il était avec des amis,” says a relative. During the day, the young man who skipped school to take care of his family,went ill. Suffering horribly, a SAMU ambulance was mended.

The young man, very “popular” in his locality, found himself in the Jawaharlall Nehru hospital in Rose-Belle. Unconscious, he was admitted to the intensive care unit. After a first analysis, the duty doctor referred the matter to the police, suspecting the use of synthetic drug.

For several weeks, the young man who lives with his father struggled between life and death. While his family believed he would recover, he breathed his last breath on 25 August. His body was taken to the morgue of Candos. The autopsy revealed that the victim died of a stomach infection. Samples are being analyzed to confirm or not the presence of a prohibited substance in his body.

His funeral took place on 26 August. To his relatives, nothing confirmed if he was under the influence of a synthetic drug. “Nous ignorons ce qui a pu se passer. Comme de nombreux jeunes, il avait beaucoup d’amis. Rien n’indique qu’il a abusé de la drogue. Il souffrait aussi d’asthme. Il est tombé subitement malade avant de nous quitter. Nous sommes perplexes,” says our interlocutor. The young man is described as a person whose heart is big. “Il était toujours prêt à rendre service. Rien n’indiquait qu’il avait des fréquentations suspectes.”