Formula One In Mauritius: Negotiations Have Started

Maurice will soon host a round of the Formula One. Sources close to the case say that Bernie Ecclestone, head of Formula 1, would have given his blessing to the project sponsors.

According to the sources, it appears that the contract for such a project in Mauritius would be extended to ten years with the possibility of renegotiating for a five-year extension. In an interview in March reported by Agence France-Presse, the “Supremo” of Formula 1 (F1) said he wanted to see the introduction of this sport in Africa and had already had discussions with some developers. “J’aimerais qu’il y ait une course en Afrique où nous n’avons jamais été,” he said.

The latest integrated circuit that the F1 of the sleeves is that of Baku in Azerbaijan, which obtained a ten-year contract. The first Grand Prix was held in June in this country of Eastern Europe.

In Mauritius, this is not the first time that the project is mentioned. The negotiations were held with the former government. It seems that the current rule has all the cards to complete it. According to our information, negotiations began between the developers and the authorities concerned.

According to available figures, this type of international events will boost the number of tourist arrivals, especially of the jet set. The country will also benefit from high media exposure with 400 million viewers worldwide.

The bases to accommodate such a large number of tourists on a short term is thrown, with major developments at the airport and the growing number of luxury hotels. It is also a boon to tourism operators and other businesses that benefit astronomical benefits of F 1. Such investment will require funds of over Rs 15 billion which, according to initial indications, will be financed by a foreign group .

In 2015, F1 has generated a turnover of 1.5 billion euros (about Rs 60 billion), followed by 425 million viewers. Manufacturers spend about 18 million euros (about Rs 720 million) per engine. If the Lewis Hamilton world champion has won a hoard of 20 million euros, the other drivers have shared a jackpot of 22 million euros. The team Mercedes GP champion won 86 million. ‘Bernie’ won an estimated 4 billion US dollars.