Controversy: Manjusha Faugoo Prohibited From Participating At The Miss International 2016 Final

Mauritius crowned Manjusha Faugoo as the Miss International 2015 and she was to participate in the international final to be held in October in Tokyo.

However, the Mauritian organizing committee has decided to send someone else in her place.

She is determined to fight to the end to participate in the Miss International 2016. Manjusha Faugoo, Mauritius crowned Miss International 2015, intends to serve a notice to the Miss Mauritius organization, who has judged her unfit to participate in the international final in Tokyo in October, arguing that the girl was “mentally unfit”. Manjusha Faugoo says to be prepared to undergo all the necessary tests to prove otherwise.

Kevin Obeegadoo “C’est totalement faux”

The director and president of the organizing committee of Miss Mauritius, Primerose Obeegadoo, declined to make a statement, the case was referred to his lawyer. However, Kevin Obeegadoo, member of the organizing committee, said a sweeping backhand advanced Manjusha Faugoo’s points. “C’est totalement faux. Il y a eu, certes, une réunion avec Manjusha Faugoo et sa maman, mais nous devons attendre la fin des procédures pour en parler. Je ne peux vous en dire plus,” he said.