Double Murder At Camp De Masque Pavé: The Suspect Tavish Ausman Transferred To The Central Prison

He was previously held at the Children Youth Centre (CYC) in Beau-Bassin. But the day after his 18th birthday, on Tuesday 30 August, the alleged assassin of Yeshna Rughoobin, 14, and her father’s mother, Reshma Rughoobin, 54, was transferred to the New Wing of the Central Prison. The order was given by a judge of the Port Louis District Court. The young man meets a double provisional charge of murder and a provisional charge of attempted murder following the tragedy occurred at Camp de Masque Pavé in February.

Double Murder At Camp De Masque Pave

As part of the investigation, the Major Crime Investigation Team is awaiting the report of the forensic doctors who autopsied the two bodies, as well as the Forensic Science Laboratory. The folder will then be delivered to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, who will decide how to proceed.

The case dates back to 26 February. While Yeshna Rughoobin and her brother Tushal , 11, were returning from school, they discovered the lifeless body of their grandmother inside the house. The suspect, aged 17, had inflicted 13 blows of cutter – six on the neck and seven at the back. As they tried to flee, brother and sister – who were flying to Australia in March where their parents were being installed – they were in turn attacked by the suspect. The alleged killer was hard on them, inflicting eight shots of cutter to the girl he was in love with, he told the police.

Seriously injured, the little Tushal Rughoobin managed to escape and raised the alarm. He was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Flacq Hospital. As for the suspect, he attempted suicide. He suffered injuries to the hands, neck and foot. After undergoing a delicate surgery at Flacq Hospital on Saturday, February 27, he stayed in the intensive care unit of the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo hospital in Port Louis, under police surveillance until 17 March. He was transferred for safety reasons.

The next day he was presented before the court in Port Louis. Soon after, he was taken to the CYC in Beau Bassin. His mother asked for the exclusive right for a visit at the center.