Grande-Rivière-Nord-Ouest: A 12 Year Old College Girl Student Violently Attacked

A teenager claims to have been molested by a youth group at Grande-Rivière-Nord-Ouest. The assault followed her refusal to go out with a schoolboy. She made a complaint at the Line Barracks.

After school hours on Monday August 29, Melissa (name changed) who lives in a suburb of the capital went to Grand River North West. This schoolgirl who is in Form I was under a bus shelter when her classmates approached her. One of them, Shirley (name changed) presented Mélissa to a schoolboy.

“Sa garson la mo bon kamarad sa e li kontan toi. To bizin sorti ar li,” Shirley said to Melissa.
But Melissa flatly refused. Shirley who did not digest the refusal started to beat her. In addition, Shirley’s classmates following the latter’s instructions also assaulted Melissa.

Police station
Melissa got injuries on several parts of the body and returned home in tears. She recounted her mishap to her mother who accompanied Melissa to the Line Barracks police station to complain.

After filling out a PF 58 form, Melissa went to the Dr. A. G. Jeetoo hospital where she was admitted. Her condition is stable. She is slowly recovering.

Dorine (not her real name), mother of Melissa, 29, does not hide her anger.

“Il y a un mois, Mélissa m’a dit que Shirley lui a demandé de sortir avec son ami. De plus, Shirley aurait menacé de l’agresser. Je suis allée au collège pour parler à Shirley et elle avait nié avoir menacé ma fille. Je ne m’attendais pas à ce qu’elle mette ses paroles à exécution. Comment a-t-elle pu agir de la sorte ?,” she adds.
Dorine says her daughter is traumatized since her friends assaulted her. Melissa does not want to go to college because she fears that her friends would take revenge. Her mother wishes to transfer her to another college because she fears for her safety.

“Si zordi sa tifi la finn agress mo zanfan, demin li kapav fer pli pir. Kan Melissa pou al kolez, mo pa pou avek li pou vey li.’ Je crains que Shirley lui fasse du tort. Je souhaite que des sanctions soient prises,” said Dorine.
Asked for a reaction, an official from the Ministry of Education explained that an investigation is underway. The police investigation continues.