[Video] The Father Of Karishma Gostoo: “Li ti dir mwa li ti kontan enn garson”

“Li ti dir mwa li ti kontan enn garson. Samem tou,” says Tulsidas Gostoo whose daughter, a police woman of 23 year old, was found dead with a bullet in the head at the police station in Baie-du-Tombeau on Wednesday September 7.

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Early indications of the police investigation said that Karishma Gostoo, a resident of Triolet, would have committed suicide by shooting herself in the head.

His father told Teleplus that he cannot explain this tragedy. His daughter, he said, liked to joke. While Karishma’s brother, also a police officer, tells us that she “had no problem”.

The young woman who has three years of service in the police force was ensuring the functions of “orderly station” early on Wednesday morning September 7.

It is is her colleague who made the gruesome discovery after hearing a gunshot.