Death Of Ismaël Valimamode: “Toute l’île Rodrigues est en deuil,” Says Buisson Léopold

Parents, friends, neighbors … they have all visited Coromandel on Thursday September 8, to honor Ismael Valimamode, Commissioner for Health and sports in Rodrigues. He died on Wednesday following a long illness.

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Toute l’île Rodrigues est en deuil,” said Buisson Leopold, Member of the OPR. He said he knew Ismael Valimamode for several years. “J’étais infirmier et lui Nursing Administrator. Il a commencé à faire de la politique active en 2012, j’étais moi aussi candidat,” he said.

Ismael Valimamode’s family as well as the Chief Commissioner Serge Clair had traveled to Mauritius for the funeral. “Il était venu à Maurice il y a trois semaines à cause de sa maladie. Son fils, qui habite l’Australie, est également venu,” said the niece of the deceased.

A three-day national mourning was declared in Rodrigues.