[Video] Double Decker Bus: Rs. 37 For A Rose Hill-Port Louis Trip

The double Decker bus was seen on the roads for the first time 54 years ago. The double-decker bus makes a comeback in Mauritius at the initiative of Rose Hill Transport (RHT) Ltd on Friday September 9. This 4.2 meters high bus will operate on Route 174, Rose Hill to Port Louis. The new RHT bus was officially unveiled on Wednesday September 7 at a ceremony in Bagatelle.

On this occasion, the Chief Executive Officer Sidharth Sharma said the company has a license for six months. “Une fois que le bus aura été validé, nous envisageons d’avoir quatre double decker buses (NdlR, autobus à deux niveaux).” Guests had the opportunity to make two trips in the Bagatelle area.

Watch video:

At this event, TapToPay Limited, a Hong Kong company, launched the tap-to-pay system, known as the Casuarina map. This prepaid card, which will soon be commercialized, will allow travelers to pay by card and will not require a bus receiver.

For his part, the Minister of ICT Stephen Sinatambou revealed that the government will implement a pilot e-car project. The aim is to inform motorists about the availability of parking spaces.