Special Tuitions: A Guruji Accused Of Child Molestation

Dev B. was arrested on Wednesday. The teacher who gives Oriental language lessons is suspected of committing fondling on a 12 year old teenager. The victim was admitted to the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses. She recorded a statement at Goodlands police station in the presence of her mother on Tuesday, August 23.


The girl used to take private lessons at the 50 year old guruji’s house. On Saturday, the tuition session of the Form I schoolgirl turned into a tragedy. On returning home, the minor was no longer the same girl. Her mother noticed her discomfort: the girl had closed in on herself and was traumatized. Pressed with questions, she related that the fifties had rude gestures towards her. Her mother took her to the Child Development Unit (CDU) where she revealed everything to an officer. The case was referred to the police.

In her complaint, the schoolgirl says her teacher would have showed her obscene pictures. He then allegedly took her to the bathroom where he would have undressed her. He then stroked her face and other body parts, before an attempt on her modesty. The victim was examined by a police doctor.

He admits to having kissed the girl
Dev B. was arrested on Wednesday morning. During questioning, the fifties admitted fondling the minor and having kissed her. However, he denied having made her watch pornographic images, have stripped her naked and having indecently assaulted her.

Dev B. was brought before the Court of Pamplemousses. He was charged with indecent assault. The police objected to his release on parole and he was renewed in police cell. He will be examined by a police doctor on Thursday and participate in a reconstruction of the facts.

The investigation is conducted by the chief inspector Bundhoo, the inspector Gungah and the sergeant Beebeejaun and his team from the post of Goodlands, under the supervision of the assistant police commissioner Domah, Divisional Commander Northern.