Theft At Rama Valayden: One Suspect Has Been Arrested

Port Louis South Criminal police [CID] has proceeded to the arrest of a suspect on Friday, September 9 in the investigation of the robbery at the house of the lawyer Rama Valayden in Soreze, Pailles early Thursday 1 September.

The arrested suspect is a resident of St. Croix. When questioned by investigators of the CID of Port Louis South, the 23 year old man said that he had visited the house of Rama Valayden in the company of other people, but he did not participate in the theft.

He was remanded in custody pending a subject to other questions.

Other suspects are being sought in this investigation by the men of police superintendent (SP) Sailesh Kumar Pehary, under the supervision of the Central CID boss, the assistant commissioner of police (ACP) Devanand Reekoye.

Several issues, including his client Kailash Trilochun, four books purchased the day before, jewelry worth more than Rs 450,000 and branded watches, a sum of Rs 205,000 for employees wages and schooling of children, two iPhone and iPad mini were taken during the burglary of the house of Rama Valayden.