Triolet: A Last Goodbye For Karishma Gostoo

Sadness and dismay at 9e Mile, Triolet, at Karishma Gostoo residence. The 23 year old police woman shot herself in the head on Wednesday morning at the post Baie-du-Tombeau police station.

All are struggling to understand what could push this young woman who had her whole life ahead and that was destined for a brilliant career, to end her days. Her family, friends and neighbors, as well as several members of the police force, have paid tribute to her. Political figures were also present at her funeral that took place on Thursday.

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“Ki fer linn bizin ale koumsa,” sighed the mother of Karishma Gostoo, aged 51. The fifties continues to remember the happy moments spent with her daughter. “Nous étions proches. Elle était très gentille et ne cessait de m’embrasser et de me remercier à chaque fois que je lui préparais son repas avant qu’elle ne parte au travail.” She said that her daughter enjoyed her work and was happy to have been recruited into the police force.

On Wednesday, colleagues of Karishma Gostoo were upset. The young woman killed herself with her service weapon in the early hours of the day. An autopsy by police forensic experts attributed the death to a “gunshot wound to head.” Karishma Gostoo had two years of service in the police force.