Central Prison: Inmates Exchange Their Clothes For The Sale Of Drug

Central Prison looks like a fashion show where the models quickly exchange their clothes well, neither seen nor known. Since about two years, remand prisoners (on remand) – who have the right to be in civil – exchange their clothes against those convicted, who are themselves required to wear orange uniforms.

Everything takes place in the courtyard of the prison. This process allows convicts to flow in different areas and current prison unmolested. They can sell their goods (drugs, sharp weapons) without the security guards noticing them.

According to one source, some guards know about the transactions but prefer to close their eyes for fear of reprisals. In addition, the low number of officers do not favor them. Our interlocutor says that sometimes only two guards are there to manage the 600 inmates and seven recreational courses (yards association) the jail. It states that “the clothing exchange takes place mainly during the morning or around 9 o’clock in the yard of the prison.”

The prison administration concedes that prisoners exchange their clothing to indulge in drugs and weapons. They say they are powerless against this phenomenon: “We are powerless in this situation. The solution to remedy this problem is to have a strong presence of officers in all courts of the prison.”

For his part, the Commissioner of Prisons Vinod Appadoo admits that the clothing exchange is growing in the Central Prison. He promises severe penalties against offenders who violate the laws of the prison by engaging in such practices.