Curepipe: Two Men Threatens An Old Man With Knives Before Stealing His Money

The incident occurred on Friday September 9 late in the evening at Curepipe bus station. According to witnesses, the old man was waiting for the bus when two men approached him.

They pulled the man out of the crowd and attacked him behind a bus before running away with all his belongings including money. The old man started to shout “voler! voler!” when the crowd came to his rescue but it was too late. The man got minor injuries on the right hand and his face.

The crowd helped the man who went directly to the Curepipe police station to write a statement on the incident and was then brought to the hospital for treatment. According to a source, the man is a resident of Rose Belle and went to Curepipe to buy basic items and vegetables for his family.

A police investigation is currently underway to find the two culprits. The victim said they were armed with knives on his statement but fortunately, the worst was avoided on that evening. The thieves ran away with all his items including an amount of Rs. 2, 500 that was found in his wallet.