Eid Ul-Adha: More Than 2, 000 Bulls Available

The majority of Muslim families will celebrate the Qurbani.

A compromise was reached in the late afternoon on Sunday, Sept. 11, after more than three hours of negotiations. Just over 2000 cattle are available for Qurbani on the occasion of Eid ul-Adha festival.

Muslims will have some 1300 more than the 700 oxen that were available on Saturday. This decision was taken after an emergency meeting of the crisis committee on FMD at Sir Harilal Vaghjee Hall. This meeting took place after the veterinary service of the Ministry of Agro Industry has found that the oxen of the two farmhouses: Jhurry and Soreefarm, could not have a health certificate, as they had been in contact with those affected by FMD on Saturday 10 September.

Only 700 oxen would be available in the market. This created discontent within the Muslim community. Several protested outside the Socovia, Jhurry and Soreefarm farms on Saturday night. They demanded that the beasts they had ordered to be delivered to them. Riot police and firefighters were on the scene to prevent any slippage.

Anger has intensified on Sunday. The police were always present in the three farms. People could not explain how the goats or sheep could leave the park and not the bulls at Soreefarm. Some bought goats, sheep and goats because they thought they would not have oxen to sacrifice.

Crisis Committee

They were many on Sunday afternoon in front of the Government House in Port Louis to make their voices heard. The meeting of the crisis committee began at 2:00 PM and ended at 5:30 PM. It was attended by ministers Showkutally Soodhun, Mahen Seeruttun and Anwar Husnoo and representatives of several mosques. An intruder slipped into the room and was asked to leave by the police.

After the meeting, it was decided that healthy cattle from the three farms will be delivered to the party. The Muslim community will have a little over two thousand oxen.
Mahen Seeruttun, the Minister of Agro Industry, stressed that the country is going through a very difficult time with FMD. “On est à la veille de la fête et on a eu des discussions avec les imams. Les trois plus grandes fermes notamment Socovia, Jhurry et Soreefarm sont affectées par la maladie.”

“80 % des animaux dans ces fermes sont contaminés,” he said. The latter also added that Ministry veterinarians estimate that 1300 cattle show no signs of disease. “Selon la loi islamique si un animal ne présente aucun signe de maladie, il peut être sacrifié. Mais, les vétérinaires n’émettront aucun certificat de santé pour certifier si les bœufs de ces fermes sont en bonne santé. Les gens doivent prendre leur propre responsabilité, car le ministère n’émettra aucun certificat,” he said.