[Help] St Julien: Vrusthee Maghoo Looking For Her Look-alike Or Lost Twin Sister? SHARE!

Vrushtee Maghoo has been recently getting messages and calls from friends and family that she has been spotted at different places on different days. However, Vrushtee denied being at those places claimed by friends/families at the specific time. Could that girl be her look-alike or lost twin sister? Read her story below..


During her mother’s pregnancy, the doctor of the latter informed her that she could be a mother of twin girls. But after 9 months of pregnancy, she gave birth to a baby girl and not twins. The talk about twins was suddenly aborted by the doctor and Vrushtee’s mother was informed that she could leave for home. According to the doctor, the pregnancy ultrasound showed a blood clot and not twins. A mistake in ultrasound or .. ?

This is the mystery that Vrushtee wants to resolve now and is calling for the help of Mauritians. Please contact us if ever you spot a girl similar to the one on the photo above. You can reach us by calling on the mobile phone number 58840928 or inbox us details to 57830049 if you have any information. We will surely get back to you.

Please share this post to the maximum and note that her look-alike could be from the region of Flacq as she was spotted there many times.