The Suspect: “Nous ne savions pas que c’etait la maison de Rama Valayden”

Incriminated by his brother Hans Bissesur Emmanuel, Jonathan Levaillant, 38, and lives in St. Croix, was arrested on Saturday, September 10 by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) from Port Louis South. He confessed on Sunday, September 11 during his interrogation.

Jonathan Levaillant appeared before the Bail and Remand Court (BRC) on September 11 and he was provisionally charged with burglary. The police objected to his release on parole. After his appearance before the BRC, he was taken to the CID Port Louis South office premises. He was questioned at length by the sergeant Ramjaun and constable Sungeelee. He told investigators that the day before the theft, his accomplice Hans Emmanuel Bissesur who was arrested on Friday and himself, were going back and forth in the Sorèze area.

“Nou fine chek ene premier lakaz la zourne et ti ena lichien ek gardien. Nou fine chek ene deziem lakaz et nou pa finn remark lichien ni caméra. Nous avons alors planifié de cambrioler la deuxième maison pendant la soirée. Nous ne savions pas que c’était la maison de Rama Valayden. C’est à la radio qu’on a appris que c’était son domicile que nous avions cambriolé. Et nous étions seulement à deux à commettre ce vol. Nous avons demandé à un chauffeur de nous déposer sur place,” said Jonathan Levaillant to investigators.

He revealed that once his accomplice and himself broke into the house, they were unpleasantly surprised by surveillance cameras. Thus, Jonathan Levaillant allegedly disabled a few of the surveillance cameras. He confessed to investigators that he stole jewelry, a cell phone and a sum of Rs 6 000. He also explained that he never laid hands on documents. After interrogation he was taken into police custody. He will appear in court in Port Louis on Monday. Jonathan Levaillant was arrested after his accomplice Hans Emmanuel Bissesur implied the latter in the offending.

Police is actively searching for a third suspect.