Extradition Request Of Nandanee Soornack: The Court Of Bologna Reserves Judgement

The court in Bologna, Italy, reserved its judgment on Tuesday September 13 at the request of the Mauritian authorities, who demand the extradition of the businesswoman Nandanee Soornack.

This was said on Radio Plus on Tuesday September 13 by the lawyer Nandanee Soornack, Me Savina Boodhoo. She says the case was called on Tuesday and that all parties have been heard.

Asked about the state of mind of her client, Mr Savina Boodhoo says “Nandanee Soonack is strong.” And clarify that the business woman never said she would not return to Mauritius.

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The Mauritian authorities have initiated extradition proceedings against Nandanee Soornack before the Court of Bologna in Italy.

Nandanee Soornack is resisting extradition to Italy where she found refuge after the parliamentary elections of 10 December 2014.

Arrested in Parma in April 16, 2015 at the request of the Mauritian authorities, Nandanee Soornack contests the approach of the Central CID for influence peddling and money laundering.

Listen to the explanations of Me Savina Boodhoo on the ‘player’ above.