[Video] Baie-du-Tombeau: The House Of Jean Judex André Destroyed By Fire

Where will Jean Judex André and his wife sleep tonight? That is the question the St. Malo residents in Baie-du-Tombeau are facing after a sheet metal house was completely destroyed by fire on Tuesday 13 September. The circumstances of the fire are still unknown for now.

At the scene, there is calmness and the few residents met was busy getting ready for the day’s business. Anna André, a neighbor of the couple whose house was in flames watched helplessly at the scene. “Les propriétaires venaient de sortir lorsque le feu s’est déclaré. Nous avons vite alerté les pompiers. Ils ont pu maîtriser l’incendie mais le couple a tout perdu,” said the latter.

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According to Anna André this fire could be a malicious act. “Quatrième fois difé pran ici !,” she says. She added that “n’y avait aucune bougie allumée à l’intérieur de la maison

In the entourage, Jean Judex André and his wife are known as calm people. The question everyone asks after the tragedy: what has really happened this morning in St Malo, Baie du Tombeau?