A Young Pregnant Woman Complains Being Abandoned On The Eve Of Her Marriage

She is 22 weeks pregnant. This inhabitant of the East, aged 18, was abandoned by the father of her child the day before their religious wedding. She filed a complaint against her boyfriend, aged 27 on Wednesday 7 September. The mother of the young woman did the same.

What should have been the happiest day of her life turned into a nightmare. Vandana* said to be in shock since her lover Pooven* abandoned her the day before their religious wedding. The couple is civilly married since 23 June after the girl became pregnant a month earlier. The religious ceremony was scheduled for Thursday September 8. However, one day before the religious ceremony the young man called Vandana by telephone to reveal his intention to not marry her.

Vandana is destroyed after hearing the bad news. She explains that she met Pooven earlier this year on the Facebook social network. The two lovebirds quickly met each other and the young woman even left her family behind to go live with her lover in the south. However, after three months, Vandana and Pooven had to leave the house of the latter due to family problems and went to live at the house of Vandana’s mother, Basantee*.

In May 2016, Vandana gets pregnant. The couple decides to have a civil marriage and the date is set for June 23. Two months later, the lovers considered a religious marriage and fixed the date of marriage on September 8. Basantee is in heaven and does not skimp on expenses. “Je lui ai acheté (à Vandana) ses vêtements et ses bijoux pour le mariage. J’ai aussi acheté les cartes d’invitation que j’ai distribuées à tous mes proches. J’ai dépensé environ Rs 100 000,” says Basantee.

On Monday September 5, Pooven leaves the house of Vandana to go home to do the wedding preparations. However, two days later he allegedly called the woman to say that he does not want to marry her religiously. It is a cold shower for her and her family. Vandana and Basantee do not give up and keep hoping to make him change his mind.

The mother and daughter went to the police station of the area where Pooven lives and explained the problem to the officers. They also asked the police to accompany them to the house of the young man to make him change his mind. But Pooven remained on his decision. According to reports, an argument is the cause of it.

Humiliations and insults
Basantee also filed a complaint against Pooven.She alleges that her son-in-law would have insulted and humiliated her. “Linn telefonn mwa ek linn zour mwa. Avan mo dir li kitsoz, li koup call la !,” says the forties in her testimony. She tells us that her family is upset by this. “C’est impardonnable ce qu’a fait cet homme. Il a joué avec l’avenir de ma fille et il a, de plus, terni la réputation de notre famille. Je souhaite le poursuivre en Cour. Ma fille est traumatisée.”

She adds that a week before the wedding, Pooven violently assaulted her daughter. “Mais nous n’avions pas porté plainte car le mariage approchait. Je n’arrive pas à dormir car je suis troublée. Pooven a détruit la vie de ma fille,” says Basantee. Asked for a reaction, the young man was, according to his mother, not here at that time. The mother refrained to comment.