[Exclusive] Poste La Fayette: Two Couples Including Three Ladies Caught Having Sex In A Rented Car

Two couples were caught busy in a rented car at Poste La Fayette during the early hours of Wednesday. The incident occurred in the early morning at around 5:30 AM when a passing man saw a moving car.

“Mo ti pé fér mo la mars gramatin kan mone trouve ene loto pé bouzé. A prémié vu mone kwar péna persone ladan lerla mone trouve troua fam ék ene zom moitié nu! Mone passe trankil ék alért la polis,” said the man who called the police.

The police were at the scene within 5 minutes and caught the two couples in the act. The man were asked to get off the car and give an explanation. The latter was half naked at that time but he did not hesitate at any second. He then told the officers: “nou pé fér ene camarad so anivérsér ék nou fine décid pou naz ene kou. Astere-la nou pé mét nou linz.”

Two naked women were at the backseat of the car and one half-naked lady at the front seat. They were all putting on their clothes when the police arrived, according to a statement.

The police officers inspected the car afterwards and found a few cans of beer and a couple of Smirnoff ice bottles. The four persons were drunk and they were all brought to the police station for questioning. The driver of the car was positive to alcohol.