Salmonella Bacteria: Chickens And Ducks Are Banned From Selling. SHARE!

5000 gassed chicks and 10,000 eggs have been destroyed at the station of the Ministry of Agro Industry at Réduit on Monday September 12. And yesterday, Tuesday 13, the Ministry of Agro Industry has banned some farms from selling their chickens. The reason is suspected of salmonella. Especially the chicks that were purchased from the Ministry at Réduit station where the first cases of this kind were detected. Moreover, ducks have also been contaminated with salmonella.


A study began in 115 small poultry farms on Monday. It aims to determine whether the disease has spread. The source of the disease is suspected to be the Réduit station.

Thousands of chicks from the Réduit station were taken to the Bassin-Requin incinerator to be killed. The ministry hopes that by today, they will be able to confirm the number of farms affected by salmonella.

In addition, although some farms are not allowed to sell their chickens at the Ministry of Agro-industry, it has been confirmed that this will not cause any shortage on the market. Because so far, Salmonella was not detected at the big producers.