Stanley: Disappeared Since June 30 – Shaheen Banon Still Missing A Week Before Her Wedding

Time has stopped at the Toorabally at Marguerite Avenue, Stanley, Rose Hill. Sadness and anxiety are settled in their daily activities since the disappearance of Shaheen Bibi Banon Toorabally, 23, who was to be married on 17 September.


Nothing presaged that this former student of Ébène SSS would no longer show signs of life since 30 June 2016. Very attached to her two brothers and her younger sister, Shaheen Banon got engaged two years ago and had everything ready for the big day. Her fiance and she spun the perfect love. Her father, Nasser, and her mother, Saheroon, looked forward to the wedding of Shaheen who worked as a cashier at Winners for some time. On 30 June, as usual, she had to return from work around 7:00 PM but did not turn out.

Her parents began to worry. Her brother paces on the road while her father went to her workplace for inquiry. The management confirmed that she departed at her usual time. Her father then set a statement to the police in the locality. A battered was also organized in the area but without success. Nobody could find sleep in the Toorabally family and they spends a sleepless night everyday. The next search continued among friends and relatives, but in vain. Concern has grown and her parents think of the worst whenever the phone rings. Nasser is of great anguish when the police ask him to identify a decomposed body each time. In fact, it was the corpse of a citizen of Bangladesh the last time he was asked to identify a body and Nasser gave a huge sigh of relief that day.

We tried to call Shaneen on her cell phone, but she does not respond. “Personne ne peut dire où elle se trouve. Une chose est sûre : elle est toujours au pays. Nous passons par des moments difficiles. Depuis sa disparition la vie n’est plus comme avant,” says Nasser. Shaheen’s younger sister, seated in a chair, holds her head in her hands and weeps. His grandmother is destroyed. “Mo envie trouve li avant mo ferme mo li yeux,” she said in tears. Her father and mother are calling for their daughter to give sign to life even if she ran away with a friend. “Nous dire Shaheen ki nous content li et nous nepli capave vive dans so l’absence. Mo implore toi Shaheen, si to cotte ene camarade donne nous ene coup de fil et fer nous conner cotte to été. Si to dans difficulté nous pou vinne cherche toi,” said her mother. “Depuis bébé nous fine prend li et jamais li pas fine manque narien. Aster nous ki manque li,” added Nasser with a broken voice by emotion.

According to investigators, it is likely that the disappeared lady is at a friend’s place and that she may be afraid to return to her parents’ house after two months. Her mother and father are willing to forgive her. “Nous pardonne toi pou to erreur et nous comprend toi, mais faire nous ene signe ki to encore content nous,” said Saheroon.

Shabeen Banon is sane and has all her faculties. She is very smart and she loves to be of service to those in need. Her father reassures that the wedding date holds good and that if her daughter returns home, the marriage will indeed take place. Her parents mourn her absence and are calling on their countrymen to report her presence to the family.