[Video] Murder Of Jacques Bathilde: Reconstruction Of Events With The Suspect Danny Tamby

There was a strong mobilization of the police in Mont Roches on Wednesday afternoon for the exercise which lasted less than half an hour. It was under the gaze of a small crowd of onlookers gathered in the street that the suspect arrived under heavy police escort.

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It is under the watchful eye of investigators and forensic detectives that Danny Tamby showed how he and his accomplices did to enter the house and how the murder was committed. Yesterday, he got out of his dumbness and revealed the circumstances of the theft. He even confessed to investigators of the MCIT that the safe was pressed on a fallow field at Montagne-Jacquot.

The body of Bathilde Jacques, 62, was found dead, bound and gagged in his house in Mont Roches on 25 August.