[Exclusive] Ebène: A Cigarette Is The Origin Of A Fight Between Two Ladies

According to the information received, two ladies in the twenties were origin of a brawl in the streets of Ebène in the early hours of the evening of Wednesday September 14.


The fight took place in the vicinity of the Ebène mall. Hair pulling and slaps were witnessed by onlookers. One of the girls has given several punches on her opponent’s face before projecting her to the ground. And that’s not all, she also tried to strangle her before ripping her blouse.

Police were quick to come to the scene where the two ladies were still busy in their fight. The Rose Hill police officers had to separate the two nervous women and brought them to the police station for inquiry.

The origin of the fight is still unknown at this time. One of the victim’s friend indicated us that the fight started when the latter lighted a cigarette and the other lady asked her to switch it off. An argument broke out between the two that escalated to a brawl.

We would like to remind the citizen of Mauritius that smoking is strictly prohibited in public and is eligible to a fine when caught.