Jean Benny Labeauté And Jean Stéphane Luximon Convicted For Cannabis Smuggling

The ax fell on Wednesday September 14 at the Court of Assizes. Jean Benny Labeauté and Jean Stéphane Luximon were sentenced to eight and six years in prison respectively for possession of cannabis for distribution. The sentence was given by Judge Joseph Marie Benjamin.


Jean Benny Labeauté, 28, and Jean Stéphane Luximon, 19, pleaded guilty on a charge of “possession of dangerous drugs for the purpose of distribution.” The two men, resident of Baie du Cap, had in their possession 12 723.8 grams of cannabis on the day of their arrest. They were intercepted on 24 January 2015 by the drug squad. The value of the drugs is estimated at over Rs 6 million.

Jean Benny Labeauté and Jean Stéphane Luximon were defended by lawyers Ashwin Kandhai and Nushimi Balgobin-Kandhai. The prosecution was represented by Shakeel Bhoyroo.

In his testimony, John Benny Labeauté said he had picked up a bag containing the drugs while hunting. He would have then returned to his house where he would have put the cannabis leaves to dry before deciding to sell the drugs. He would also have led his friend Jean Stéphane Luximon in this “work.” They were in the process of drying the leaves at the house of John Benny Labeauté when police raided his place.

In the statement of the sentence, the judge Marie Joseph Benjamin noted the promptness in which both men have demonstrated in this case. They knew perfectly what they were doing and they were tempted by the benefits they would receive from the sale of the drug, said the judge. They argued that they are from poor families.