SSRN Hospital: A Patient And His Relatives Hijacks An Emergency Medical Service (SAMU) Ambulance

This is an unprecedented and “extremely serious” case. An emergency medical service (EMS) ambulance was diverted at the SSRN Hospital in Pamplemousses on Sunday night September 11. A patient and his relatives are found guilty in this case, according to a report by the Ministry of Health. The case was referred to the police.

Zot inn hijack lanbilans ! Zamé finn ariv sa,” said an employee of the SSRN hospital. What has actually happened on Sunday night? According to reports filed with the Ministry of Health, a man who was beaten went to the hospital around 10:30 PM. He was examined by a general practitioner who recommended a CT Scan. Only problem: the equipment was broken down and the patient had to go to the Victoria Hospital in Candos for the scan.

Le patient et ses proches ont insisté pour obtenir une ambulance du SAMU alors que ce n’est pas conforme aux procédures,” reveals a source. He added that the hospital staff has surrendered to the insistence and insults from the injured man and his family members.

Fetch his wife

However, the ambulance service doctor refused to board the vehicle. Two policemen from the hospital police station have therefore accompanied the patient. But during the journey, the patient made a new request. He demanded that the vehicle passes at his house in Calodyne to fetch his wife to accompany him to the hospital.

In the reports, it is said that once the vehicle arrived at the roundabout of Pamplemousses, the driver tried to stop at the police station of the locality. However, the patient’s relatives were folloowing the ambulance in a 4×4. “C’est un peu comme si le SAMU était escorté de force,” according to a statement from the report. At one point, the relatives decided that the patient must go to the Jeetoo Hospital in Port-Louis before that of Candos. The EMS team followed their instructions.

The CT scan report revealed nothing serious and the patient was allowed to go home. The team finally arrived at the SSRN Hospital at 4 AM in the morning. “Le personnel du SAMU a reçu des menaces de mort. Le commissaire de police devrait prendre cette affaire au sérieux,” insist the staffs in one of the reports. According to an information, the Medical Superintendent of the SSRN hospital, the doctor on duty at the hospital that night, and the ambulance driver made a formal complaint.

A letter describing the incident was sent to the police commissioner Mario Nobin. The matter is taken “very seriously” at the line barracks.