[Video] Relocation Of The Firemount Factory: A Unionist Begins A Hunger Strike

In their fight to protest against their transfer from Goodlands to La Tour-Koenig, employees of the Firemount Textile Ltd factory obtained the support of the unionist Beejay Somai. Secretary of the Textile Clothing and General Workers Union, he began a hunger strike at the stade Belin in Goodlands on Wednesday September 14.

According to the union worker, some of the workers have over twenty years of service and prefer to retire rather than to be transferred to La-Tour-Koenig. It has been proposed that these employees should receive a compensation. But employers appear to be opposed against this decision. This dispute was brought before the Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations.

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When questioned, the director of the Firemount company indicates that one of the reasons behind this transfer is that the factory is expanding and needs larger premises for production. According to Anil Kholi, a majority of employees have decided to move and only a hundred are resisting. And clarify that transportation was made available to them.

He also affirmed that it is not matter of compensating those who want to retire. “Si les travailleurs campent sur leur position, c’est la cour industrielle qui tranchera.