Batterie Cassée, Roche-Bois: A Metal Sheet House Devastated By Fire

A major fire broke out on Saturday morning in Batterie Cassée at Roche-Bois. A metal sheet and wood house was engulfed in flames and was completely destroyed by fire. Firefighters from Port Louis and Coromandel were summoned to the scene and had to work hard to contain the fire. Fortunately no injuries have been reported.


One of the inhabitants of the house said she had just enough time to warn other residents of the fire. She was able to escape with her children but they were powerless to save their property and possessions. A neighbor stresses to have called the Roche-Bois police station but a police officer told him that the case does not fall under their jurisdiction…

Despite the efforts of firefighters, the violent fire destroyed everything inside the house. A neighbor calls to the help and generosity of Mauritians because the affected family has nothing, no clothes or food, among others.