Isidore Rose: Car Driver Avoids Small Girl Chasing Cat By Hitting A Tree

A car driver miraculously avoided a collision against a 5 year old girl who was running after a small cat in a street at Isidore Rose on Friday September 16. However, the car hit a tree and the driver did not get hurt, fortunately.


The girl was playing at the red circle where the car avoided her to hit a tree.

According to our information, the small girl was busy playing with the little cat when the animal suddenly went on the side of the street. She followed the cat unaware of the danger ahead and managed to catch it before the car hit against a tree just behind her. She was shocked after the accident and her parents were immediately alerted by the sound of the car brakes.

The mother of the little girl Tasha* (name changed) related the drama and said, “mo ti dan la kuizine kan mo tan ene loto pez ene frein sek. Mo sorti dehor pou gueté et mo trouve ene loto fine tape avek ene pied et mo tifi zis derriere loto-la!”

The mother added that she rushed to the scene to only note that her daughter was safe and the driver told her that her daughter could have died. According to reports, the driver said, “mo ti pe roule dan chemin endan pou ale guet ene camarade kan mo trouve sa ti tifi la franchi devan moi. Mo pas gagne letan reflechi et mo coupe dan gauche avan tap avek pied-la.”

The driver hit the tree without causing much damage but the incident could have been more dangerous, according to him. The mother apologized to the car driver who then went to the police station to record a statement. The parents of the small girl were also present. A police investigation is currently underway to shed light on this matter.