Master Kylan Ramdoo Of D’Epinay Needs Our Help

Master Kylan Ramdoo of D’Epinay is 8 year old and needs our help.
The little boy is suffering from Mediastinal Mass Problem and need funds to get his surgery done.

He is already in India and his parents is lacking Rs 800,000 to pay the estimated cost of his surgery. Friends lets help this family and bring back this little boy safe to Mauritius.
NGO G.I.V.E met the family yesterday and is taking necessary initiative to do door to door collections. Your small help can bring life to this family.
If you want to make a contribution/donation contact Subeer Basdeo on mobile phone: 57724295 

We are calling for the help and generosity of Mauritius to donate for this family:

You can donate via PayPal and Credit Card below:

Please share to create awareness.