Attention to All Mauritians: Do Not Buy Chicken From Vendors. Here’s Why!

A vendor selling salmonella chicken in a mini truck has been stopped and reported to the authority in Cite La Cure today, Sunday September 18.


According to a close source, the vendor was selling chicken at Rs. 50 unit that have caught the salmonella disease. People across the country are still unaware of the disease in chicken that can cause death, according to a doctor.

Recently, two children became sick after eating chicken that had salmonella disease and they had to be hospitalized. A case that was reported in St Paul yesterday, Saturday September 17.

We are making the public aware to not buy chicken from street vendors. They will sell chicken at a lower price and tempt people to buy. The vendor in Cite La Cure has been reported to the authority and necessary actions will be taken.

Share this post to save a family today! Please not that the sale of chicken has been banned in Mauritius except those authorized to be sold in our markets.