[Exclusive Video] Navin Ramgoolam: “mo accepter mo ban erreur…pena persone ki pou devire mo latet sen coup la”

In his speech on Sunday September 18 at Triolet, Navin Ramgoolam was very complimentary towards the Special Adviser of the Minister of Finance. He even ironically said that Gerard Sanspeur should have been appointed as prime minister.

The leader of PTr also commented on several hot topics. For example, the Metro Light project that he said it is him who is responsible for negotiations with India and Singapore. Concerning FMD, Navin Ramgoolam accused Mahen Seeruttun, Minister of Agro-Industry, to have abdicated his responsibilities.

Watch video:

Furthermore, Navin Ramgoolam promises to reimburse parents who have paid the SC and HSC examinations fees this year. Another promise he made is the abolition of the Nine Year Schooling.

To conclude, Navin Ramgoolam advance that his party will go alone in the next general elections. “Nu pas bizin béquilles !”