Grand-Bois: He Sells Cannabis Three Times To A Plainclothes Policeman

The elements of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) of the Southern Division made a nice haul on Thursday 15 September. They arrested an alleged 20 year old marijuana dealer living in Grand-Bois. During a search at the suspect’s place, who sold cannabis to an undercover police officer three times, another man was also arrested. The latter tried to cover seven cannabis packets under his foot.

One of the officers was posing as a customer to the individual who was suspected of being a fairly large dealer in the Grand-Bois area. The young man have carried out his transactions in a hallway adjacent to his house.

After a first contact with the dealer, the officer told him he wanted to buy cannabis for Rs 1 000. The officer  repeated this process twice to collect information from the dealer. The drug he bought was then placed under seal in the ADSU office in Souillac for investigation purposes.

And on Thursday, during another meeting with the dealer, the plainclothes policeman revealed his identity. Armed with a search warrant, the ADSU team landed at the suspect’s place where there was another man in the forties. His house was under scrutiny. And during the search, a plastic containing a substance suspected to be drugs was seized along with Rs 8850 and several cell phones. The devices will be sent to the IT Unit of the police after getting a Judge’s order.

The dealer and the man spent the night in police cell before being brought before the court of Souillac yesterday. They remained in police custody.