Terre Rouge: Shekhar Jhurry Killed By A Drunk Woman Driver In A Fatal Accident

An accident occurred in front of the Indian Oil gas station in Terre Rouge where a 4×4 collided with a motorcycle in the morning of Sunday September 18. The motorcyclist Shekhar Jhurry aged 57 died on the spot.


According to the daughter of Shekhar, the driver of the 4×4 was tested positive for alcohol and is looking for justice. She claimed that her father was not even driving at the time of the accident.

To remember, the motorcyclist is an ex-police officer and was returning back home after buying vegetables. He leaves behind him two children; 24 year old Yasheel and 26 year old Yaneesha. The Jhurry family is from Plaine des papayes and want justice to be made in this case.