The Ex-Husband Of Nandanee Soornack: “Mo pa plant kotomili, mo éna karo lissou”

Sanjeev Oogarah, former husband of Nandanee Soornack, was met at his home on Saturday 17 September and says that he does not follow this matter anymore. “Népli ena okenn kontak ek li. Mo pé viv mo lavi trankil…

On the other hand, he says he was not even aware that the extradition request was rejected by the court of Bologna. “Cela ne changera rien à ma vie.” He said he fears reprisals if he advances to swing “des choses qui déplaisent.

Throughout the conversation, however, the man was relaxed. And indulges in a few secrets about the family, that is, his career since his separation, what he thinks of this whole affair, scratching the passage of politicians of all persuasions. But he did not wish that these details to appear in the press.

He nevertheless wishes to make an important point about all that has been said since his former wife became a “star”. “Mo pa plant kotomili, mo éna karo lissou…