Arsenal: Drunk, A 39 Year Old Woman Fatally Hits An Ex-Police Officer

Shortly after 7:00 AM on Sunday morning September 18, the former police officer Sakaram Jhurry was on his motorcycle when he was fatally hit by a 4×4. A woman, 39, was driving the vehicle and was tested positive for alcohol. She was admitted to a hospital in the North.

The 4x4 ripped several barriers before striking the former policeman.

The 4×4 ripped several barriers before striking the former policeman.

Sakaram Jhurry, 58, a retired police corporal, left his home early on Sunday September 18. This inhabitant of Morcellement Ramphul, Plaine-des-Papayes went to buy vegetables when the drama occurred shortly after 7:00 AM.

According to the police reports, the former corporal left Terre Rouge and was heading towards Arsenal. The motorcyclist was carrying vegetables. He parked over to the left near a temple. A 4×4 of Isuzu brand, driven by a 39 year old resident of Trou-aux-Biches, was on the same trip.

Her vehicle skidded and ripped several barriers before hitting the former policeman. The impact was of such a violence that the motorcyclist was dragged several meters. The driver, alone in the 4×4, stopped a few meters away. Terre Rouge police and the ambulance were immediately informed of this accident. However, the health workers could only note the death of Sakaram Jhurry.


“It’s all his family who dies”
The driver was subjected to a breath test which proved positive. She had 0.29 mg of alcohol in the blood while the limit is 0.25 mg. The police took her to the police station. Still in a state of shock, the woman was admitted to a hospital in the North. Police are waiting for her to get better to take her version of events. After leaving the hospital, she will be charged of involuntary manslaughter and driving while intoxicated. An autopsy by Dr. Jankee Parsad attributed the death of the former corporal to multiple injuries.

Among the family members of the former policeman is anger and indignation. “Lorsqu’une personne est tuée, c’est toute sa famille qui meurt avec elle,” says a relative. “Nous laissons la police mener son enquête, justice doit être rendue. La conductrice était sous l’influence de l’alcool. La police doit prendre les mesures qui s’imposent contre ce genre d’individu,” said the daughter of the victim. She says: “J’ai parlé pour la dernière fois à mon père samedi soir. Il était une personne douce. Dimanche, j’attendais son retour avec le pain pour préparer le petit déjeuner. On nous a appelés pour nous prévenir qu’il avait fait un accident. Une fois sur place nous avons appris qu’il n’avait pas survécu.”

“Il y a deux ans, à la suite d’un problème de santé, il a pris sa retraite et depuis, s’occupait de sa plantation,” added the son of the victim. Sakaram Jhurry’s funeral is scheduled on Monday morning.

The victim debuted at the Special Mobile Force before joining the police force. He was posted to the port and the Northern Division and assigned to the police station of Triolet before retiring.