Rivière-des-Anguilles: Nasser B. Robs His Wife’s Jewelries Worth Rs. 100, 000

Nasser B.’s wife, a mechanic of 39 years old, was absent on September 5. He took the opportunity to steal her jewelry worth Rs 100,000 for resale. However, the police quickly realized his subterfuge.

He, in fact, planned the robbery so that his wife does not suspect anything. In her police narrative, the wife reports that on September 5 she went out accompanied by a relative. “Il était 14 h 30, je suis allée consulter un médecin à Grand-Bois,” she says to the police. A few minutes later, she gets a call from her husband. “Linn dir mwa li ena pou al depann enn masinn dan Flacq,” says the young woman.

When her visit to the doctor was over she went home. She arrived hom at 4:30 PM and finds that the closet of her room was opened. Her husband was away at that time. The latter arrived at home a few minutes later. Without suspecting anything, the woman recounts the incident of the closet to her husband. The latter advised her to check if anything was missing. To her amazement, she found that her jewelries worth Rs 100,000 were missing.

Rivière-des-Anguilles police were immediately mended on site. To look more closely in this case, the CID investigators interviewed members of the household. Initially, Nasser B. explained that he was at home when his phone rang. The sleuths of the police wanted to know the route he took to get to Flacq. It turns out that the hours did not match. The mechanic should have taken more time to go home. He was quick to admit the truth to the police.

“J’ai attendu que ma femme sorte de la maison pour prendre les bijoux. Je les ai cachés sous les escaliers,” he told investigators from the Criminal Investigation Division. A search at his house led the police to recover the jewelry at the place indicated. “J’ai pris des bijoux à deux reprises,” he added. A relative who had accompanied him to sell the jewelry worth Rs 4500 was also heckled as well as the jeweler. They were charged with receiving stolen goods.

The main suspect appeared before the Souillac Court on 7 September. He was charged with theft. He had to pay a deposit to regain freedom.