[Video] NTC Bus Accident In Sorèze: Five Persons Accept Compensations

They sued the National Transport Corporation (NTC) and the State Insurance Corporation of Mauritius (SICOM) to claim damages. Five people, including four women and a man involved in the Sorèze accident in May 2013, agreed to a compensation for the damages.

Watch video of the accident:

Goindama Raghoonundon, Sweetee Cannoo, Usha Devi Doorundhur, Karishma Cooshna and Darshan Chiniah have all claimed damages to the National Transport Corporation (NTC) and the State Insurance Corporation of Mauritius (SICOM). They had been seriously injured in the accident at Sorèze in May 3, 2013 and demanded Rs 10 million, Rs 20 million, Rs 12 million, Rs 25 million and Rs 15 million in damages, respectively.

The five people received a proposal of Rs 2 million as compensation. They finally accepted the amount offered by the defendants after several negotiations.

In their complaints written by the lawyer Sunil Luchmun, the five plaintiffs said that they used to use the ‘Blue Line Bus’ service to get to their workplace. On May 3 2013, they were traveling on the NTC registered 4263 AG 07. The bus rolled several times before ending up with all four wheels in the air. The plaintiffs had been seriously injured in the accident and were taken to the Dr A.-G. Jeetoo hospital.

The five wounded argued that this tragedy has changed their lives and they continue to seek treatment from a psychologist. They stress that they are traumatized by this tragedy. Some could not work for several months among the five plaintiffs. They maintain that this tragedy has caused them a lot of harm and damage.

It was a horror scene in May 03 2013 before the volunteers who visited the scene of the accident to rescue them. The driver Deepchand Gunness was driving the bus that provides an express service on the route Vacoas / Port Louis. The bus was crowded. Arriving at the height of Sorèze, the driver could only note that his brakes had dropped. It was 9:10 AM when he realized that his brakes had failed. In order not to collide with other vehicles, Deepchand Gunness decided to take the ring road. In doing so, the bus hit a drain and rolled several times. The tragedy killed 10 people and made more than forty injured. The bus’s passengers later testified that the recipient asked them to go at the back of the bus because the brakes have failed.

The victims are: Gunness Deepchand (50), Shakoontallah Ramdaursingh (48), Elyn Nu Sian Chuan (24), Delphine Pokun (21), Sanjay Ujodha (48), Priya Ujodha (40), Devesh Cheeneebass (19), Amreen Lallmohamed (24), Kamla Devi Soobraydoo (52) and Ruth Marimootoo (50 years).