[Exclusive Video] In A Northern College: A Teacher Beating A Student Caught On Camera

He did not wish to give a correction to one of his students. A mathematics teacher of a northern college was filmed beating a student of Form I in class last Friday. An investigation was initiated despite the fact that parents have not even filed a complaint with the management of the institution.

A college student manage to film the scene on his mobile. The video shows an outstanding mathematics teacher hitting one of his Form I pupils in his classroom last Friday under the gaze of others. Initially, the teacher was requesting explanations from the teenager before slapping and kicking him. The rector confirms the incident: “Je condamne cet acte. L’enseignant n’avait pas le droit de frapper un élève. Il a eu tort d’agir.”

Watch video:

Children’s behavior has changed. Teachers are unanimous in saying that we must be patient and love this profession and children. However, there are altercations. “Aujourd’hui, très peu d’élèves respectent leurs enseignants et les autres responsables. Il arrive malheureusement que certains enseignants dérapent,” the rector says.

In a circular addressed to schools and colleges every year, the Ministry of Education asked the officials to remind teachers that corporal punishment is prohibited. Section 13 (4) of the Education Regulations 1957 states: “No corporal punishment” shall be inflicted On Any Any pupil in school. The Child Protection Act 1994, para. 13 (1) Provides That: ‘any person Who ill-treats a child or a child Otherwise exposed to harm “shall commit an offense.”

Note that on Monday afternoon, the directors of the college did not receive any complaint of the parents of the schoolboy in question. However, an investigation was initiated to determine the exact circumstances of this incident.