[Illicit Photo] SSS Quartier Millitaire Girls: A Student Draws Illicit Image At The Back Of A Bus Seat

Sanjeev, a bus driver, was shocked to see the image drawn by a school student from SSS Quartier Militaire girls on Monday September 19.

The illicit image drawn by a student at the back of a bus sear

The illicit image drawn by a student at the back of a bus seat

The bus driver was ordered to do a school service at around 2:30 PM in Quartier Militaire on Monday September 19. He arrived in the college yard at 2 PM and waited for the students to do the trip. Sanjeev was assigned the road trip starting Quartier Militaire to Flacq on that particular day.

On arriving at Flacq, he made a routine check inside the bus. To his astonishment, he saw an illicit image drawn at the back of a bus seat and took a picture of it (see photo above). Sanjeev said that he’s angered by the act of the student who did this and now has to give an explanation to the bus owner.

Sanjeev testified, “tou lé zur mo chek mo bus ek mo 100% sure ki ene ban zelev tifi la ki fine fer sa ek li bien villain.” He said to be sure that one of the students from the mentioned college did this. “Mo envi tou dimounes guet sa pou sa tifi ki fine fer sa realisé ki lin fer,” the bus driver added.

A formal complaint will be made to the college representatives so that they investigate into this matter.