Plaine Verte: Hossen Bussawon Dies 6 Hours After The Death Of His Wife Saphia

Plaine Verte was in shock after the natural death of Saphia Beebee, 81 years old, and her husband, Mamode Hossen Bussawon, 88, on the same day in six hours interval. Its the hardest test for their unique son to bury his father and mother alongside each other, inseparable even in death. Riaz Bussawon had to take his courage to face this double blow of fate.


Yet nothing presaged that Mamode Hossen Bussawon and his wife Saphia would leave this world as they were in perfect health while suffering from ordinary flu. Married in 1953, they were going to celebrate their 63 years together in December 2016. They spun the perfect love and spent moments of great happiness surrounded by their only son and his wife, their grandchildren and great grandchildren. On the eve of Eid-ul-Adha festival, Hossen Bussawon catches flu. On the day of Bakreid after the namaz, Riaz helped with bathing and toileting. Within minutes, his mom starts to feel ill. She did not sleep well the night before because her husband did not sleep all night. She was transported to the Jeetoo hospital where she was admitted.

Breathing difficulty 

Around 6:00 PM, her daughter forced her to swallow a few spoonfuls of custard. When Riaz is back at home with his wife, his father complained of being unable to breathe normally. He takes him to a clinic where he was admitted in the evening. On Tuesday morning, Riaz learns that his mother died at 6:20 AM. This is a first shock and the decision is made not to tell his father about it. Preparations are engaged for the funeral scheduled for 12.15 PM. The funeral procession would leave the Velore street to get to the Noor-e-Islam mosque and from there, they will go to the cemetery of Bois Marchand.

Around noon, Riaz goes upstairs at home to do some work when the phone rang. Believing it is a call from a relative who could not attend the funeral, he picks up the receiver. Dr. Kanowah was on the phone and asked if the ‘mayyat’ (funeral) of his mother is planned for 12.15 PM which Riaz answers with an affirmative. Dr. Kanowah informs him that his father died at noon. Riaz weeps silently after the announcement of his father’s death. He descends on the ground floor to postpone the funeral of his mother’s body to 3:00 PM. When asked, he finally said in tears that his dad had also passed away. Since the house was full of people, the organization of the funeral was entrusted to Shakeel Anarath’s brother Al Ihsaan who took care of everything in a record time.

Buried side by side

The touching story of the death of an octogenarian couple on the same day has spread in no time and soon a large crowd came to pay their last respects to the Bussawon couple. Janaza namaz took place in the Noor-e-Islam mosque. Both ‘jannaza’ were sent to the mosque at an arm’s length in an impressive silence. The ladies of the area, perched on the balcony, stood to witness the out of the ordinary funeral. Both husband and wife were buried side by side at the Bois Marchand cemetery.

Mamode Hossen Bussawon was known for his kindness and helpfulness. He rendered service to anyone who knocked on his door even at any hours of the night. He made a career as a nurse and he retired as a hospital administrator. His wife, despite her advanced age, liked to cook tasty dishes and invite her only son to eat before he goes upstairs.

Riaz told us that the disappearance of his parents is an inestimable loss for the family and life is not like before for him. He took care of his parents with devotion without ever complaining of them. At night before going to bed, he made sure that their doors and windows were closed.

Riaz thanked all those who sympathized with his family in his misfortune. May Allah grant his father and his mother Jannat-ul-Firdaus.