Caudan: 19 Year Old University Student Injured After A 12 Meter Jump

G. Adarsh, a university student aged 19, is bedridden since August 27; after attending a play at Caudan Waterfront consisting of jumping several meters on an inflatable mattress. The young man had a big sprained ankle and a fractured tibia.

Adarsh had a big sprained ankle and a fractured tibia.

Adarsh had a big sprained ankle and a fractured tibia after the incident at Caudan Waterfront.

Since August, the South African company Extreme Leisure Company Ltd has been conducting an unusual activity on the esplanade of the Caudan Waterfront. An activity that raises adrenaline: a person must climb a structure and then jump on an inflatable mattress.

On Saturday August 27, Adarsh and his friends wanted to try this game. Adarsh pays Rs 350 authorizing him three jumps of 3, 6 and 12 meters.

At 2:00 PM, Adarsh called his father Bhai G. and told him: “Papa vinn sers mwa, monn blese grav.” Panicked, Bhai accompanied by his daughter takes the direction of Port Louis.

The ambulance was already in place when Bhai arrived at Caudan. Adarsh was found on the pavement and could no longer move. The young man was then placed in the ambulance and they took the direction of a private hospital.

“J’ai accompagné mon fils. Nou finn al klinik. Mo finn bizin vers Rs 150 000 pou ki zot oper mo zanfan. Mo finn bizin pran prete avek mo bann pross,” revealed 60 year old Bhai.

In the evening, Adarsh undergoes a delicate operation. He has a large sprained ankle and a fractured tibia. The doctor placed nearly eight screws on the inside of his right leg. He had to be hospitalized for four days.

Meanwhile, the father inquired the incident with Adarsh’s friends. And he made a statement to the police on August 29.

Following this statement, a meeting was held with one of the managers at the Caudan Waterfront but it was unsuccessful. Bhai then decided to hire the services of a lawyer. The latter is still awaiting an explanation from the South African company.

Extreme Leisure Company Ltd holds a temporary license until December 31 to conduct this activity. The mayor of Port-Louis Oumar Kholeegan has decided to grant the license after the company received approval of the Fire Services and police.

“D’après les dispositions de la loi, ce genre d’activité est toujours couvert d’une assurance. Dans ce cas précis, c’est [une compagnie d’assurance] qui s’en occupe,” says Oumar Kholeegan.

Mustapha Soobratty, from Extreme Leisure Company Ltd, said the young man did not comply with certain guidelines of the game: “Une explication est fournie à chaque participant pour savoir comment il faut sauter. Il faut toujours atterrir sur le dos. Malheureusement, le jeune homme a tenté de ralentir et il a fini sur la pointe des pieds. Ce qui a causé un débalancement.”

The lawyer of the family of the young man sent a letter to Extreme Leisure Company to know the conditions for participation in that game.

Bedridden, Adarsh still does not know if he can walk again.