Cynthia C., A Teacher: “Nous avons bu du vin et des cocktails”

Cynthia C., 39, regained her parole on September 20. The teacher was tested positive for alcohol after she crashed against the motorcycle of Sakaram Jhurry, a former policeman, on Sunday at Arsenal. The latter died on the spot.

The 4x4 ripped several barriers before striking the former policeman.

The 4×4 ripped several barriers before striking the former policeman.

During questioning at the Terre Rouge police station, the woman relates the night before the tragedy. She says she went at Floreal with a friend  Saturday night.

“Vers 19 heures, je suis allée chez mon amie. Sur place, nous avons bu du vin et des cocktails,” she told investigators. The festivities continued until late in the night. Cynthia reports that around 1:00 AM on Sunday morning, she went to a nightclub with her girlfriend.

They continued to drink. She added that she left the scene with her girlfriend at around 5:00 AM. “Je l’ai raccompagnée chez elle, puis j’ai repris la route,” she said. The Trou-aux-Biches resident then headed North to return home.

But around 7:00 AM, while she arrived near a temple at Arsenal, she skidded and hit the guardrails. “Une motocyclette a alors surgi devant moi, juste en face du temple,” she explains. She revealed that when she came out of the vehicle, she saw the motorcyclist on the ground.

The Terre-Rouge police were alerted as well as the SAMU. Upon arrival, the former corporal had unfortunately already passed away. Cynthia was admitted to the SSRN Hospital where she remained until Monday. She was then immediately taken to the police station to give her version of events. She explained to the police in the presence of her lawyer.

The night in jail
After the investigation, she appeared in Pamplemousses court to answer a provisional charge of “involuntary homicide by imprudence”. Police objected to her release on bail. On the same day, she was accompanied by the Terre-Rouge police to the scene of the accident where she participated in a reconstruction of the facts.
She then spent the night in jail. On Tuesday, she appeared before the Bail and Remand Court in Port Louis. She has been released after providing bail of Rs 25,000 and signed an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 150,000.