[Exclusive Video] Watch Driver Distracted By Her Cell Phone Running Over 3 Kids

Yet another shocking video has gone viral on social media showing small children being run over by large motor vehicle with their parents nowhere in sight.

This latest incident occurred at a Shenzhen parking lot on Saturday. Surveillance camera footage shows three kids playing on the parking lot pavement as a car slowly rolls up to and over them, finally stopping once all three children were underneath the car.

Watch video:

The driver was quickly arrested by police. Eyewitnesses say that her attention was on her mobile phone at the time of the accident.

Fortunately, all three children were rushed to the hospital and are not in critical condition.

While obviously the careless driver takes a lot of the blame in this incident, many Weibo users say that the true culprits are the parents who let their kids play out on a parking lot.

“To be honest, even if she wasn’t looking at her cell phone, it’s not certain that she would have seen these kids. The parents should take responsibility,” wrote one netizen.

“The parents of these three children have ruined the driver’s life,” another netizen commented.