[Audio] Salmonella: Risk Of Contaminated Vegetables If Chicken Manure Is Used

There is risk of vegetable contamination for salmonella if the chicken droppings infected with salmonella has been used as a natural fertilizer in plantations.

This is the opinion of Goolaub Prakash, Principal Extension Officer at the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (Farei).

“La contamination à la salmonelle à travers le fumier de poule existe en ce moment,” says Prakash Goolaub to Radio Plus on Wednesday September 21.

Prakash Goolaub says Farei, a research institute on agriculture in Mauritius, is collecting manure from contaminated farms to destroy in order to avoid the risk of transmission to other farms and to the plantations.

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Many growers of the island, especially on the central plateau, use chicken manure as a natural fertilizer. The authorities are collecting manure on farms contaminated with salmonella to prevent contamination of vegetables.

Over 70,000 chicks were “gassed” so far and more than 40 000 eggs have been destroyed due to salmonella, the ministry of Agro Industry indicated.

The authorities continue with the census for the latest numbers, including the number of dead poultry in the 160 affected poultry houses in Mauritius.

Rodrigues Island authorities emphasized that they are not affected by this bacterium so far.

Consumers are experiencing a real headache these days. Many farm animals like cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and deer have contracted FMD and salmonella. Thus, consumers do not know how to vary their meals.

Fish and seafood are popular. The price of these products has increased slightly.